Sugar Valley Salt Electrolysis Hidrolife

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Salt Electrolysis Hidrolife (Sugar Valley)

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Hidrolife Sugar Valley salt chlorinator

In slightly salty water (between 2 and 30 gr NaCl/litre) it produces sodium hypochlorite in a continuous and automatic way for water disinfection. It removes 100% chlorine, eliminates chloramines and produces water free of unpleasant odours and tastes.

Salt electrolysis systems produce chlorine from common salt diluted in water. The salt required for its operation must be added to the pool with a concentration of 4-6 kg/m3 (5-6 times lower than seawater).

Water treatment by electrolysis is a closed treatment in which there is no salt consumption. The chlorine generated removes organic matter and harmful agents present in the water, transforming it back into sodium chloride (common salt). The products decompose, act and renew. This explains why the salt concentration remains stable.

The chlorine generated by electrolysis does not harm the health of the user. It does not irritate the eyes or skin, does not discolour swimming costumes and achieves total bathing satisfaction, avoiding the handling and storage of chemical products. Suitable for people with chlorine allergy.


Removable display.
Access menus with security password.
Safety: lack of flow / lack of salt / cover detection.
Disinfection based on Hydrogen and Oxygen and/or salt.
Safety: dosing time exceeded.
Setpoints, waiting times and dosing configurable with patterns or at a single point.
Automatic or manual operation.
VISTAPOOL remote control by cable or via WiFi.

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